Sunday, June 21, 2009


These 3 pictures are of the same face on the Upper Area that I checked out on Saturday.  I would say that the roof is about 100 to 120 feet off the deck and 4 to 6 feet deep.  The picture taken at a distance is only capturing about a third of the entire face.

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Matthew Scott said...

Hey noel! its matt scott, not to sure if you received my other comments on the previous blogs you posted. Holy Cow am i impressed! Really cool to see all these lines going up! i'm yet to meet this justin guy but im sure the time will come. Im curious though if you could possibly take me under your wing in your bolting expertise. I am kind of alone with no partner this summer cause geoff is gone, jay is done, and the whole crew is in squamish until the 20th of july. I have 4 or 5 lines picked out at main face that me and paul scouted out. I'm willing to pay you or repay you some how in anyway because i know it probably would take some time. I'm going to purchase a hand drill and id say 20 bolts to get started. My focus this summer is establishing a lot and not focusing on going really hard. I checked out youtube so i have a general idea of how to do it but need some hands on experience. Anyways even if you arent to stoked on teaching me i understand. But i would love to check out this new area you guys have!

Matt Scott
cell: 746-6569