Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally met Justin

I managed to get out climbing this evening.  I called Justin and he was up for showing me the work he has been doing by International Wall.  He is working on a face that is adjacent to the International Wall it is about as high and as long.  He has about 4 or 5 routes along this wall in the mid 5.10 range.  It looks pretty fun but we never jumped on.

The routes he has bolted by International Face should be checked out.  There is a very prominent roof/nose like feature that looks like a lot of fun, but also tough, probably an 5.11.  

Justin definitely has the right attitude for developing and I can't wait to start working with him out in Manuels.  


Trevor said...

Yeah, great job justin for sure. Myself and Matt Scott were out to the new lines (shown in the first picture above) on saturday. I'm quite fond of the one on the far right, matt sent the three right most lines. Both of us are impressed and consider these climbs to hold great quality. I've also eyed a possible trad line in the corner to the left of the aforementioned climbs. I call dibs.

Trevor said...

I'd also like to post a link to a blog not so unlike this one. The Jr. Team is off to Squamish and Paul Chaisson has created a blog to we can see what they're up to. This blog will hopefully continue once the little ones return from BC and serve as medium to catch up on other climbers like Noel to see what they're up to.

Anonymous said...

I went out on friday by my self to check out the new spot in the international area. Did a couple of them on the ushba, I Was really impressed! short but sweet. The next day me and trevor harris went out for about 2 hours and lead them, really fun. We also saw that nose feature when we were out. Looks really cool!

Matt S.