Friday, May 28, 2010

Aging Like a Rope

Once again I am wishing for the end of RDF. I could have been developing today if it weren't for the miserable forecast. I will not get out on the weekend inside.

For those of you who care, I rotate through 3 ropes. I have a new rope that I keep full length and then as a rope ages, I will cut it in half. I find a 30 meter rope good for the gym and Flat Rock. When the half rope gets old I use it as a fixed line where ever I am developing. I am about to cut my Mammut Flash (a burly 10.5mm) which is 3 years old but only used for 2 seasons. One Saturday past we were using it on German Face and I noticed that it seemed stiff. It felt kinda like an older gym rope when it looses its play.

Wednesday we were climbing at Walnuts when I took out my 30 meter Beal Top Gun (10.5 mm). That rope is 4 years old with 2 years of significant gym use and abuse. It seemed a little limp, sort of like cooked spaghetti. I know that heavy use can cause a rope to become limp.

Then the irony hits, what rope am I more like? Am I like the Mammut, the older I get, the more damage I take leaving me stiff with kinks here and there. I just don't play like I use to. Or am I more like the Beal, limp and played out ready to be hung outside for the season. But then, who really freekin cares because if I was a rope, I would keep going until my sheath was worn down with core shots here and there. Even if I was only good enough to be used on 5.5's, it would still be better than being woven into a mat for the retirement home. So I guess it doesn't really matter what rope I am, as long as I am getting out.

But between you and me, I think I would rather be the Beal Top Gun...Kim always liked the way it felt in her hands;)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strange Things in the Woods

Yeah!!! I finally managed to get out climbing with Kim this last weekend. I thought I was going to freeze at times but it was real nice to get outside again. It looks like German Face has survived the winter quite well (no major rockfall). I didn't have any gear with me to start developing the upper face.

A strange thing happened in the wood...with Kim! Now I have to set the scene. We met at the trail head at 6 am and hiked in. We had done a couple climbs when we were chatting while getting for the next lead. Then it happened! Something I didn't expect at that hour and in that place. It was an odor! Not strong but noticeable. I wasn't sure but it seemed to come from Kim. I leaned in (subtlety) and it got stronger. Okay...Kim stinks; but not of body odor or foot rot. She smelled good! What the #%#!. Who the hell can get up a 5am, hike for 1/2 hour and climb for another hour and smell like fricken roses. It is just not natural. Bob would smell like 5 day old road kill and Kim smells 'nice'. The things you got to put up with when you climb with 'chicks'.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rain Drizzle and Fog

Last year this time I had already been out climbing a couple of times. Just bad luck (weather) this year. I have a bunch of bolts ready to place. I just bought a new 60 meter rope I can't wait to hang on. Every time the weather is timing is not. Life gets in the way of life.

On a lighter note, Bob has confirmed that he is going to Rumney with me. I have been climbing with Bob for almost 8 years and this will be the first time we have done a trip together. Can't wait!