Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nice Job Justin

Had a bumper 'crew' this am, but no pictures.  8 of us went up to Cemetery Face at 6am.  Tak brought along 3 friends (Alex, Andrew and Marcy ...I think).  They were all new to the face and I think they all enjoyed it.  Aside from them, there was also Jan, Kelly, Bob and myself.  
I warmed up on the TR area (nice and crimpy) and then went over to the face.  I decided to give one of Justin's routes a burn.  I followed the easier of two that met at the top.  It was well bolted with great clipping stances and safe spacing.  
When I came down, I began sizing up the other routes that I have not tried.  I decided to give the far left route a go.  I was kinda concerned because the bolts looked fairly spaced out for a short route.  The first one was certainly an ankle buster if you missed the clip.  I clipped the first one by staying right till I could reach the bolt and then down-climbed and went to where it looked like the route should start.
It started on a nice layback with sparse feet until you stem out right.  Soon you are met by a nice jug for clipping the second bolt.  It did not feel too spaced, just right.  I found the rest of the climb similar, great clipping holds, nice spacing and good flow.  A really nice climb.  Jan and Tak were quick to follow on lead and both really enjoyed it.
So...there are now 7 sport routes, one trad and 4 TR routes at Cemetery Face.  The sport routes are fun and safe and I can't take all the credit.  Nice job Justin.  Now if only I had the route names and grades......

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