Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Apologies and Filming

Tak posted a comment on my last entry.  The guy who never climbed before is Hakase.  I guess he really enjoyed because he is looking to go  As well, my apologies to Erlanga, I brutalized his name is the last post.  I guess I should try to get that stuff straight.

Trevor also left a comment.  Trevor is a good climber with a bit of a filming issue.  He has been shooting climbing videos for a couple of years.  Check out a sample of his films here

Breach is a film Trevor is producing on Newfoundland Climbing.  He is looking at the various aspects of our climbing culture, bouldering, sport climbing etc.  It will be a full feature length film.  A pretty awesome undertaking.  And once you view his clips you will agree that he does a damn good job.  

Trevor if you want to film some of this development, come on out.  I usually will post when I know I will be going out next and I usually call around the night before.  Drop me an email.

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