Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Routes at Cemetery Face

This is an older route map for Cemetery Face.  All the route information is correct but the project was sent and is named Grateful Dead (mid 5.10).  
There are 4 new routes.  3 routes between Grateful Dead and Shallow Grave.  Two of them share a top anchor.  One is easier at about 5.8 or 5.9.  The other was pretty stiff.  Jan or I could not send it with out going off route.  Unless we are missing something, it goes at a stiff 5.10 or easy 5.11.  The 3rd goes straight up to a slight bulge at the top.  I had worked the route on top rope prior to being bolted.  It likely is going fairly stiff as well.  I won't try to guess a grade.   The 4th line is at the left of Delayed Gratification and it follows an arrett.  No idea of the grade.  
A fair bit left of the main face,  Jan and I placed 4 sets of top bolts.  This short face was too short to bolt but the landing was too poor to boulder it so we put in TR bolts.  There might be room for one or two other things but I think this face is played out.  

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