Monday, May 28, 2007

For the hell of it!

Boy does this weather SUCK! Bob and I have been out a few times...shivering and skittering off wet holds. Can we please get some decent #@%$& weather.

No new pictures. I have bolted a new route but haven't sent yet, probably a low 10.?. There are a couple of others on the horizon. More info when available.

Geoff and company are back from Red Rocks. A great time had by all. Leo and possibly Jay will be back from Squamish next week. In the mean time we wait for warmer, drier weather.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Old Geezers

The time has come! The old geezers are getting out in the mornings. Bob and I got out once on a Tuesday so far and now it is definitely light enough at 5:00am. SO if a Tuesday looks good, chances are Bob and I will be out at 5:00am. Keep watching!

Top Sail Head- Second Bluff

After climbing in the Gunks, I am eager to find some long easy trad climbing. Holyrood does fit the bill, but you need an hour just to get there.
This is the second bluff at Topsail Head Beach. There are many possible lines, it is just a matter of getting on them. This is only 15 minutes from my house. One day soon I am going to throw a fixed line down this to see what it is like.
Any takers?