Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kim Cole: Rest in Piece

Today I am sadden by the news of Kim Coles death.

Kim had been a climbing partner of mine for years. We sent many days together developing Manuel's during the summer and endless nights training at Wallnuts. Many of my posts are based on the times Kim and myself were climbing together. She was always a blast to have around and her smile was infectious.

Kim was a dedicated teacher who spoke highly of her experience in school. I am sure her students adored her. I am sure there are hundreds of very sad children who are going to miss there favorite teacher.

My last time climbing outside was three years ago..with Kim. I explained to her how I was getting tired of always developing routes and that maybe I needed a break. That break led to a 4 year hiatus from climbing. It also was the last time I saw Kim. Climbing was our common link.

Earlier this year, I found out that Kim was ill and that she had a poor prognosis. Our community has lost a bright light and a great friend.