Monday, June 29, 2009

Justin at International Wall

Justin had just shown us around International Wall when I took this picture.
Justin is a home grown Newfoundlander, a townie at that.  He had dabbled in climbing prior to him and his girlfriend moving out to Calgary.  While in Calgary he took to climbing seriously.  In Alberta, Justin was redpointing mid 5.11 and was starting to knock on the door of 5.12.  He also began to look into developing.  Life changed and Justin and the better half moved back to Newfoundland.  That's when the sandbag hit Justin.  Drop the grades by a couple, but he is still a solid 5.11 climber.  
Justin brings back a great set of skills.  He is a developer with his own gear (that makes 3 now),  he has a serious enthusiasm for putting up routes (he has put up at least 12-15 routes in the last year), has a great back ground of climbing in the mountains on various terrain and to boot, he is a good shit.

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