Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It has been awhile.

Well if there is anyone still looking at this blog, thanks for the persistence.

Leo's course is going well and would encourage anyone to drop by. Aside from a good workout, there is a lot of information being passed around. There is a good turn out each week and a number of people come by themselves and get matched up so not having a partner is no excuse.

We are getting to know one another and I think this will be great for next summer. I think most of us are chewing at the bit to get strong for outdoor climbing.

Setting: an awesome exercise!
Leo discussed setting with us about 2 weeks ago and it makes a lot of sense. Setting is having your body ideally positioned so one hand can release the wall, position it above the next hold for a count of 5 before grasping the hold. It forces you to center your weight properly and use the least energy consuming stances. Keep your hips into the wall. Do as an endurance exercise.