Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looks like the end

Well it looks like the end of another season for outdoor climbing. I will not be able to climb outside for the next 4 weekends. That puts me squarely in mid November. I have two routes up I have not sent. I have a fixed line on another route begging for bolts. There is a small face we started to develop but never got back to. Then there is several other faces that people point out to me that they think will be really good.

For next year, I want a new climbing partner. This is a picture of her. I don't intend to climb, just watch.
If I can't find this new climbing partner, I guess Bob and Kim will have to do (I don't watch them climb like I would the new partner!).

Thanks to everyone who watches my blog. I seem to get a steady 20 to 60 visits per day. I will still put up the odd post but not weekly like I do in the summer.

Keep an eye out for the Viagra Classic coming next month.