Friday, June 05, 2009

Busy Weekend

Unfortunately, I have a busy weekend.  Between working and other commitments, I will see any climbing (outdoors anyway!).  

I have been trying to find an old photo of Cemetery Face so I could publish the new routes.  I will have to take a new one.  Regardless,  there are 8 bolted routes and Jan and I placed some top bolts on an adjacent short wall for TRing.  It is only about 12 feet high but all crimpy.

I have heard back from Jan who was speaking to Justin, the fella who put up the other routes.  He also posted a reply to my last entry.  He sounds like a pretty keen guy who itching to put up some routes.  No harm was meant.  Justin...if you read this, could you let me know the names and grades of the new routes?

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