Friday, November 14, 2008

Combined Rack

Leo and I combined our racks while climbing at the Gunks.  My contribution was a set of Wild Country Chocks, at set of Black Diamond Camolots #0.5 to #2, a set of Black Diamond C3's 000 to 2, set of Camp Tricams  and a  set of trad draws.  The best contribution from my rack was definitely my 2 Metolius Supercams.  These off-set cam have an amazing range and would be bomber when nothing else would do.  A definite addition to a full rack.
Leo had some great additions himself.  He had a set of Metolius off-set nuts that slotted so well in old pin scars.  He also had a full set of cams (Metolius?) that he recently had re-slung with double length webbing.  What a difference it made.  Usually you did not have to use a draw to clip in, the sling was long enough.   This was rounded out with some small cams, a set of draws and various other things.  A very nice set-up for multi-pitch climbing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Garage Woody

This is a better picture of the Garage Woody.  This is up for 2 reasons.  First is to announce the first annual Cremasteric Challenge (look it up) in honor of the coming cold weather.  The second is to announce that we are going to build a wall in Kim's Basement.

The Cremaster will be held in early December.  We will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Far Right

This picture is further right again.  Note the off-vertical feature from the previous picture.  The face continues to curve away from the camera as you scan right.  Again, lots of terrain in the 200 foot region.  This is not to mention the small face at the bottom.  It is probably 70-80 feet and looks vertical.

I think I have a lot of work ahead of me.  

A Little to the Right

This is the face directly to right of the previous picture, note the small face at the bottom of the picture.  The face appears well featured if not too fractured.  There is an off-vertical crack going from the bottom to the top.  Just to the left of this would appear to be a 150 to 200 foot slab climb.  Definite moderate terrain

Manuel's Face at a Distance.

This is a picture of Manuels Face that Bob and I have been working on.  There is a swath of trees coming down the middle of the face.  The actual face we have been working is immediately to the left of the trees.  We have not checked out anything right of the swath.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back in business

Sorry to all.  My modem was down for a while.  New post to be seen soon.