Monday, September 01, 2008

It has been a while.

I am back!  Took the summer off from blogging.  I got a little too ambitious with the profile stuff.

Leo and I are going to the Gunks on Sept 20th.  Full on climbing for 5 days at the temple of trad!  This will make up for a pretty crappy summer here in NFLD.  I have not put up many new routes and haven't sent much either.  So much for the tick list!

Funny...the summer is becoming my 'off' season.  I train hard all winter feel strong in the spring and then life happens.  I don't get out as much and slack up on training and before I know it, it is august and I am flailing.  This is like the 3rd season in a row I have noticed this trend.  Role with the punches I guess.