Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Accident Report

On Saturday May 27, Bob Patey was climbing a first ascent in CBS. He took a relatively short fall and was caught on his first and only piece of pro. Unfortunately his foot hit a ledge prior to his fall being arrested. He has suffered a fractured ankle and is recovering.

Lesson: on low angle climbs watch for ledges that may case danger in a fall.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bob on Yellow Fever (5.8+)

Jay Climbing Maggie (5.11+)

Clean-up Day

The approach to the ledge above Yellow Fever is a little cleaner. Most of the looser rocks were removed. The slope is unstable and it is likely to keep washing with traffic and rain. A set of top bolts will be place for rapping down the unstable slope for added security.

The wave action was pretty significant.

Jay already had 6 pitches in when we arrived a Noon.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Main Face Clean-Up

Saturday May 20th we are going to clear the slope above Yellow Fever of debris and try to make the descent safer. The base of Yellow Fever will be roped off to avoid injury secondary to rock fall. If you are at the base of Main Face on Saturday be very careful of rockfall.

If you are interested in helping we will be starting at about noon time. We will be setting a static line along the descent path for safety. Those interested should have knowledge in the use of prussits or ascenders and have their own gear. A helmet is a must!

It is more than likely that once finished we will climb a couple of routes.

Monday May 22 will be our alternate day if it rains on Saturday. Please watch this site for change in times or days.

Contact either Noel, Bob or Leo for further information.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New bolts!

Today we placed 4 new bolts at the top of Blood Bath brining the total to 7. They are 10mm Fixe glue-ins. I placed them over climbs that I know, all being 5.9 or under.

We were also climbing this morning at sunrise...Absolutely beautiful. A bit wet in places but all good. UV ray is also dry for the most part.

Climb on.