Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cemetery Face

Access: Drive west on Portugal Cove Road past Windsor Lake. Enter Portugal Cove and pass Indian Meal Line and Bauline Line roads. Look for Anglican Cemetery Road on the right. There is a pink house on the corner.
Follow this road up a steep hill and stay left at the fork in the road. The road turns to dirt by the last house. Follow the dirt road for 100 – 150 meters. There is a pull out on the left side of the road directly across from the face.
There is a path directly across from the pull out that goes to the base.
(Blue=pullout; Green=Face; Yellow=Slab)

Routes; Below is a picture of the face from the pull out. The top of the climbs can be reached by climbing the ramp at the left side of the face (double ended arrow). Above the first two climbs are bolts to secure yourself as you clip the anchors. The anchor for the 3rd and 4th routes can be gained by carefully gaining the edge of the face.

1. Delayed Gratification 5.10a. Three bolts plus anchors.
2. Grateful Dead 5.10c. 4 Bolts plus anchors.
3. Shallow Grave 5.8. 4 bolts plus anchors.
4. Shrouded 5.7
Trad plus anchors (shared with Shallow Grave).

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