Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh, Rumney!

Well it is starting to get close. I have booked my flights to Montreal with the intention of going to Rumney for some climbing. I will leave on Tuesday June 29 for Rumney (evening). It is a 3 hour drive. I should be climbing 5 days (wed-sun). I have a flight back at 8:30pm meaning that I should be at the airport at 6ish. Quit climbing around 2 or 3 for the last day.

So here is a anyone interested in coming?

Total cost
Flights= 580 to 680
Car=350 divided by the number of occupants
Hotel= 80-90 per day divided by number of occupants (I ain't sharing a bed!)

On the high side about 1000$, if things are split in two.
Middle is about 350 if you can get the fight on points and the car is split by 4.
Low is 110+ is you get your flight on points and stay at a campground.

It is time to pull the trigger so let me know if you are interested, I am going to book my hotel soon, Plymouth Red Roof Inn

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