Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chit Chat and 50 Bolts

As the weather improves and the days get longer, the talk about getting outside gets more enthusiastic. I am kinda psyched because we suddenly have 4 more people looking to develop and three new drills for placing bolts.
Paul, Matt and Trevor bought a drill between them and are keen to put up routes. I think they are looking to stay at Main Face. Paul has put up routes in the past. Matt and Trevor have all kinds of resource to help them get routes up.
Bob has put up many routes in the past but this year he has gotten a drill. With the two of us putting up routes in Manuels with two drills we hope to double our productivity.
John is an unsuspecting developer. Opportunity knocked on his door and he found an offer he couldn't refuse. He managed to get his hands on the same drill I have (but 5 years newer) for half the price...lucky SOB.
How will all this pan out? Who knows. But I just received my first order from MEC, 50 bolts with hangers. Last year, I think we put up about 100 bolts over seven lines. I figure I will need at least one more order.
The picture above is one Bob sent me. It is part of the Upper Faces above the German Wall. The continuous face seen in the right side of the picture Bob has coined as the Wall of Possibilities. The face continues right for another 100 feet or more. It is all about 40 to 80 feet and fairly accessible. Oh where to start?

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