Monday, September 14, 2009

A Sh!tty Topic

Kim has stopped belaying me. I can't trust her anymore. Ever since I posted about her lack of fecal production, she has a new evil look in her eye. She says that she will get me back in some way, I just want to avoid any rapid descents. But in her defense, she did remind me of something else. It is one of the possible problems associated with the defecation habit.
One day not long ago, we were out climbing when the urge came to Bob. He dutifully collected his arse wipe and went for a trip in the woods. During his preparation he forgot one important thing. While in the midst of his squat with nature, her noticed something unusual hanging between his legs. The problem was that he almost shit on it, or should I say in it. Bob forgot to take off his chalk bag and he nearly filled it with an innovative new chalk. So remember to take off your harness and chalk bag.

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