Sunday, September 06, 2009

Core Shot

Today Kim, Bob and myself were out at Manuels. We were prepping a line to bolt and I was actually lowering on his rope. The rope got jammed in a crack at the top. After much friggin' around I managed to get the rope clear. I finished lowering off and Bob got on and noticed a near core shot about 2-3 inches long. I had basically ripped the sheath trying to get the thing unstuck.
The strength of a rope comes from its core and if it is compromised, retire the rope immediately. The sheath of Bobs rope had been shredded off exposing the core for a long section. Though the core is still intact, that is reason enough to retire it. Lucky we were on a burly 11mm rope. A skinny 9.5mm rope could have been severely compromised. That is why Bob and I still climb on the biggest rope we can get. I hope to post a picture of it soon (no camera today).
On a lighter note, I am also going to post something on Tim Horton's coffee, climbing and bowel habits!

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