Sunday, July 05, 2009


Earlier in the morning, Jan, Bob, Matt and Myself went to check out a long slabby face.  It looks quite good with some interesting features.  I don't have a good picture of it but will when we start developing it.  
When Matt and I were bolting, Jan lead up the Upper Face to scout it out.  The rock is really solid and well featured.  When I got up there a little later, Jan was belaying Bob up and Tak and Justin were already at the top.  Jan belayed me up last. 
When I got up there, I realized I had left my drill at the base.  Matt happened to come along.  He was able to spot the roof for me (I dropped a rock over it).  Then he got Justin's drill for me and brought it up.  I placed two set of rappel anchors, one above the route Jan had lead up and one over the roof feature I am fixated on.  Justins drill is awesome.  Mine is a 24 volt Hilti and Justin's is a 36 volt Bosch.  His drill just melted the rock away, really impressive.  And to thick earlier I was showing Matt how to use a hand drill.  It would take an hour to do was that drill did in less than a minute.
It appears that the face immediately above the German Face is the one to be developed next.  I will set up a fixed line on it the next time I am out. 

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Dan said...


I'm in St. John's for the next couple of days and would love to find a partner for some climbing. Any chance you or anybody you know would be willing to show an experience climber with a rack and rope the local crags? I'll happilly bribe any partners with post-climbing beers!