Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"5 Climbers"-More Information

A bit more information concerning the 5 climbers who needed to be rescued on the weekend.

These people were NOT rock climbers.  One of these fellas had just learned how to rappel via the military.  Him and a couple of buddies thought they would try it out at Flat Rock.  2 of them became stranded when they could not ascend the cliff.  These guys were not prepare for any sort of self rescue.  They did not have any significant rope management skills.  They were WAY out of there depth.

Every year people with varying degrees of outdoor experience, think rock climbing would be fun and try it with little or no preparation.  These people need to be rescued by the High Angle Team and are regarded as 'rock climbers' when referred to on the news.  This reflects badly on our rock climbing community.  We appear to be a burden on city resources as each rescue costs several thousand dollars.  

Try to be good ambassadors of our sport.  Educate people if they ask, be polite and keeps our area's clean of litter and unsightly messes.  Hopefully people will remember the positive and not the negative.

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