Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The two lines.

These are the two lines Bob and I were working on. Bob is on a 'mock' lead on the right side (two ropes going up). The line I am working is on the left.
It starts with the crescent shaped crack and follows into the dihedral above.
We are looking for brave soles to come climb/clean.

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Bill W said...

Noel/Bob, good to see you guys are going great guns. I'd like to join you some time. Got rope, anchoring equipment, set of nuts, set of hexes, quickdraws, biners. Climbing ability dubious. So I may have to clean your routes rather than lead them.I've been out to Flatrock a couple of times this year, but would like to try some of the Topsail Bluff/Mauels climbs yuo guys are developing.