Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stolen Gear

Wed Aug 30, 2006...some #$@% stole my climbing gear out of my car trunk. Things that are missing include
  1. Bluewater 60 meter 10.3mm climbing rope (only 3 months old).
  2. An array of quick draws (14 all together) DB Positron.
  3. Orange Mad Rock Climbing Shoe's
  4. Rock Empire Harness.
  5. Arc'terx Chalk bag
  6. Set of DB Camalots (.3 thru to 3)\
  7. 6 Petzl locking D's
  8. Various slings and 2 cordalettes.
  9. 60L pack

*As you can tell, it was a major loss!!!!

The #$@^%$ idiots who took this stuff probably have no idea what it is for and just tossed it. If they are stupid enough to either use it or try to sell it, I am hoping someone spots my gear. It is all marked with purple ID tape. If it is seen, get a hold of me thru Wallnuts Climbing Gym.



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