Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next Project

I have my next project!!! Kim and I went out to Noobie Squeeze today. Both Noobie Squeeze and Ankle Biter climb well with the bolts (much better than before). Kim reminded me why I called the climb Noobie Squeeze. The first time she came out with us (5 years ago) she TR'd Noobie and kinda got stuck at the top of the corner section where it narrows. Today she made simple work of it. When she came down, Kim said that even after all the developing we have done in Manuels, Noobie is still her favourite climb (cool).
Between Noobie and Ankle Biter is this large bulging section of rock. I TR'd it today. It is a pretty thin sequence with little feet and slopers for hands. I think it will go at a hard 5.10. Next time out I will have to figure out the bolts but it may take some work to send...a project!


Paul Chaisson said...

Noel, I gotta say man. The work you have put into developing these areas is absolutely tremendous. For someone like yourself, married with two kids and a demanding job, to be spearheading the equally under-appreciated and arduous process of expanding climbing in this province is a rightful affront to everyone who in comparison do less with more time.

I haven't even climbed at these areas, but I have an incredible amount of respect for the work you are getting done. These areas were badly needed, and you have provided us all with a substantial service paid for out of your own pocket and sponsored by your free time.

Thanks Noel

Bo b said...

Great to hear you got out today. I hope that project will be finished when I get back in September.