Sunday, July 24, 2011

Before and After

I came across these two pictures looking for something else. I thought it was a fairly impressive contrast. These are pictures of the route Candy. The first is from 2009 and the second from this summer.

I got an email from an Ex-pat Newfoundlander, Karen. Her and her boyfriend are coming back to NL in August for a visit. He sounds like he is a seasoned climber and she will be doing a lead course prior to their visit. So here is the question: If you had a climber friend visiting from away, what would be the ideal day to get a taste of Newfoundland climbing? What routes would you suggest? Send me your comments.


Kaleb Thomas said...


I think i may be guiding this couple out in flatrock.

i had most of the area classics in mind.

Yellow fever, Candy, drop the mental, easy company and depending on ability sledgehammer, maggie.

Other great routes would be iron hand, mc hammer, and flacid.


MIke said...

Hey Noel. I'm actually planning a trip to the East Coast to do hiking and climbing. What would be your list for a mid-level climber?