Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hiene Stikes Again

The Viagra Classic II went ahead last night. There was about 8 of us. Notably some regular partners were absent. I think the Hiene (H1N1) got them. There are other bugs going around that aren't H1N1 but you can't really tell so everyone is staying home.

We had a great time. 22 problems set up in the garage ranging from V0 to V6 or better. I was great to see Kaleb, Matt and Pat get spanked. Flip side is that these problems are taunting me. They had one night to send, I have all winter. Matt said that should keep working them until get them. That could be a retirement project!

Trevor had his camera and I am hoping he will post something I can embed into the blog (hint-hint Trev).

I have heard so encouraging stuff about Rumney in the spring so I will be there. That will be my training for winter.

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