Monday, November 09, 2009

Great Response

This picture was taken in late August. Bob and I were pretty amazed by this. Most climbers looking at this would think that it looks just like any other belay area at the base of a wall. And I guess it is. The reason that it kinda freaks me out is that 3 months prior to this picture, no one had climbed on this face. We cleaned up the base, trimmed the trees and such, but without a lot of travel, it starts getting overgrown fairly quick. Having such a well developed base testifies to how much this wall is getting used...awesome!
Bob and I are kinda conflicted about next summer. There are 2 area's that we want to look at next (German Face is played out). Noobie Squeeze is a trad area about 300 meters before German Face. You pass under it on the way. There are a couple of routes we want to solidify with some bolts and a lot of potential. One is a small but severely overhanging face which I have been staring for a couple of years. The other is a section of rock that starts vertical and slowly becomes overhung, it kinda looks like a wave.
The other area is starting the upper faces. There is the roof that I am somewhat obsessed with and numerous vertical faces just waiting. Bob is looking to get a drill so we should be able to double our productivity. (7 routes this year...14 plus next?). As well, Matt, Trevor and Paul have a new drill. They might be able to tear themselves away from Flat Rock to set a route or two inland. We will see?!?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Noel!

Your blog is great!

I am a climber from abroad that is on "the rock" for the next month. I brought my shoes and harness and the German wall and other areas look great.

If you guys are up for climbing next weekend, I am very interested in going out with you guys. The weather looks cool but dry for the weekend.

drop a line if you can...