Monday, October 15, 2007

20 minutes from Hell

Work out for tuesday

Sport specific exersice (no actual climbing)

Crossfit warm-up
15 squat
10 situp
10 pullup
10 pushup
**Do circuit 3 times

Tabata day

A tabata is a cycle of exersice aimed at improving endurance or power endurance, depending on the weight chosen. The cycle goes as follows:

Choose a light weight for the exersice. The exersice should be done quickly but with control. Start by doing the exersice for 20secs (work phase) and then rest for 10 secs(rest). This would be one cycle. Enter directly into the next cycle and do a total of 8 cycles (should take 4 min). If you can't complete a cycle with good form then the weight is too heavy. Trust me, START LIGHT! Rest for two minutes then start the next exersice.

Tabata this;
1. Jumping pullups (jump slightly at the start of the pullup to unload your weight).
8 cycles then 2 minute rest.
2. Bentover row.
8 cycles then 2 minute rest.
3. Bicept curls
8 cycles then 2 minute rest.
4. Wrist curls.
8 cycles.

Now that you are warmed up, time for enduro-hangs. Use jugs on the hangboard/rock rings or chin bar. Dead hang for 1 minute. Rest one minute. Repeat times 5 total. If this is too easy for you, try bent arm hangs.

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Scott & Siobhan said...

Noel, this is really cool. I do Tabata with my personal trainer quite frequently.