Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thursday July 27 Bouldering Session

Ok, ignore most of that last post, i've changed some of my plans and am going to do the thing this week.

I think the best bet would be to meet at wallnuts between 5:30 and 6:00 so we can leave there at 6:00 sharp ( this should allow people who work till 5:00 to come? does anybody have 9-5 jobs, i wish i did).

I'm thinking the marine lab as a first destination, it has a wide range of difficulty for problems as well as alot of problems in the v0-v3/4 range. Also it's a location that can be very difficult to figure out what problem is what on your own.

2nd destination will probably be flatrock and they I am thinking the Vacation Boulders for some barrens fun.

of course if there is a alot of disagreement those can be changed.

Um...anyway, hopefully enough people with cars will come that we can drive everyone out, if there is more room in cars than there is people than we can leave some cars at wallnuts and drop the owners bad there after to save on gas 'n' stuff.

So i guess thats about it, i hope to put a poster up in wallnuts soon for it.

also! i am in no way responsible for the safety of anyone attending. I'm just going climbing at a place and if anyone else wants to climb there at the same time that's up to them.

i am not a guide.

hope that covered everthing...Dave


Anonymous said...

you want us to bring pads, or gas money?

Dave Stack said...

anyone who has a pad should bring one.

i have no idea how many people are likely to come for this but i'm hoping enough people who drive will go that nobody will be stuck for a ride? i'll be driving and so will be able to take 4 people. I dont expect gas money but it's possible that if anybody else was going to drive they might want people to chip in.