Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Bolts on Main Face

On Tuesday past, at a very ungodly hour, 7 new bolts were placed around the Yellow Fever Ledge.

The first pair are a set of rappel anchors placed at the top of the loose slope above the ledge. They are in the last vertical face just above the slope at about chest level. These are meant to make the descent safe. Whether you rap down, place a safety prussiut on a line, whatever, you now have no excuse if you slip on the scree and take a 100 foot free fall.

3 bolts were placed above Good Country Lovin' and Gabe. Both of these climbs are 5.11a and top out at just about the same place. Top anchors can be easily placed. Good Country Lovin' uses the left and middle bolt while Gabe uses the middle and right bolt.

2 top bolts were placed above the Fifth Element, a 5.11c to the right of Yellow Fever.

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