Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bouldering Series

Dave Stack has stepped up to the plate and offered to organize a weekly bouldering series. The rough plan is that one area will be chosen per week (biweekly...however often Dave wants). He will post the time and place here on the blog and in the gym on the board. He will be there and who ever wants to show up is more than welcome.

It is a great chance to see where the boulders and problems are, get some beta and just have a good time. Bring your crash pads with you so there will be plenty for everyone around.

Dave will be staring this up fairly soon so keep an eye out.


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dStack said...

I was thinking it might be a better idea to meet at wallnuts and then drive to whatever bouldering area has been chosen for that week.

That way people don't have to worry about being able to find the area, or being too young to drive or whatever the problems may be.

I would definitely be able to take a car of people and hopefully other people who are interested in going and have car acess would do the same.

I'm up for doing it any time now, i tried to make a poster but had trouble with my printer. So basically once i can get a poster done i think a week after the poster goes up is a good time. So maybe not this week but next? Say maybe two wednesdays from now?

Looking forward to it, Dave