Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rumours of Phil

I was talking to Terry the other day. He had mentioned that Phil was bored on a raining day so he went for a hike. He started hiking in towards the climbing area out in Manuels. He kept on the main path instead of diverting up the climbing area. Apparently about 15 minutes further in he came to a wall that was "like another Main Face". I was pretty sure I knew which wall he was talking about. I have looked at it from a distance. It looked a little slabby but certainly could fit the description.

I think this picture is of the face Phil saw. The mature trees at the bottom are probably 30 feet in height making the wall about 100 feet, a little higher that German Face. The width looks to be about 500 feet. It still looks kinda slabby to me but it also has nice continuous. There are not a lot of ledges or breaks in the face. This could have potential. Unfortunately I have many other priorities before I would get to this wall.
Currently I am all excited about getting the little over hanging face bolted, work on Noobie Squeeze and finish a couple things on the Upper Face.
SO much work to be done and the summers seem so short.


Phil Stennett said...

Well that's not quite what I said but it certainly gets the idea across! That picture is the face I was looking at... and your estimations on the size seem about right as well. The face is slabby, with some small sections approaching vertical... If i were to describe it as anything I would say it's half way in between Holyrood and German face in terms of rock type, having not quite as nice features as Holyrood for gear but not having as many ledges as Manuels.

Definitely a lot of potential here but I did have to walk through a bog to get to it and I don't think I've ever had so many fly bites in my life!!

Adam Gale said...

I was at this wall. It is slabby and has substantial height but the wall is all at a 60 - 70 degree slant. I would say that this would be a brilliant training wall for multi-pitching for people who have not done it.