Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feels Like Old Times

We had a foursome climbing on Saturday; Kim, Bob, myself and of all people Jan (where the hell has he been?). It had an eery feeling of last summer when we started developing the German Face. We bushwhacked to get into the face, we hauled a lot of loose rock off the cliff and we actually did a bit of climbing. Bob placed a new set of top anchors and Kim and him cleaned and top roped what will likely be a nice 5.5ish trad route (Red). It follows a feature that may take pro but they may choose to bolt it.

Jan and I set up a top rope on a set of anchors I placed last year. I new it was higher than 100 feet so we belayed from the top so we could lower more than 100 feet. We cleaned the face as we were lowered down, knocking off a few blocks and weeding some ledges. I came down directly over the small roof I have been thinking about all year. It was not nearly big as I was hoping (I have never heard that before...really). Regardless, the climbing above and below is really good. I had noticed some cool features on the left of my line. One was a continuous hand crack leaning out left. I mentioned this to Jan before he went down. I belayed him back up and his smile could not have been wider. The climbing was great and he figures something in the mid 5.10's.

So I think we have our first 4 or 5 routes figured out now we need to bolt them. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Looks cool!! hundred feet? thats awesome!!


bpatey said...

Actually the route I climbed up was more straight up, with no curve to follow the obvious feature that the black line uses. There might even be enough pro for a straigt up line to be viable. The climbing is consistent and at most 5.7

Phil Stennett said...

Looks great, can't wait to get up there and check it out. Would be nice to have some easy trad up there to go with the easy sport you already have so if it takes gear I'd love it to stay unbolted!