Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strange Things in the Woods

Yeah!!! I finally managed to get out climbing with Kim this last weekend. I thought I was going to freeze at times but it was real nice to get outside again. It looks like German Face has survived the winter quite well (no major rockfall). I didn't have any gear with me to start developing the upper face.

A strange thing happened in the wood...with Kim! Now I have to set the scene. We met at the trail head at 6 am and hiked in. We had done a couple climbs when we were chatting while getting for the next lead. Then it happened! Something I didn't expect at that hour and in that place. It was an odor! Not strong but noticeable. I wasn't sure but it seemed to come from Kim. I leaned in (subtlety) and it got stronger. Okay...Kim stinks; but not of body odor or foot rot. She smelled good! What the #%#!. Who the hell can get up a 5am, hike for 1/2 hour and climb for another hour and smell like fricken roses. It is just not natural. Bob would smell like 5 day old road kill and Kim smells 'nice'. The things you got to put up with when you climb with 'chicks'.

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Kim said...

You're a funny boy, Noel! Like I told you Saturday morning, girl sweat smells quite different than boy sweat. Hee! Hee!