Saturday, February 24, 2007

Topsail Head

Possible project for the summer!?! This is a picture of Topsail Head. I believe the area outline in red could be good. The approach from the top is sketchy because it angles off at about 25 degrees. The rock is solid and it looks very fectured. A bottom approach may be plausible depending on the stability of the talus field (green).

Bob and I have rapped down into the blue section, it is short but well featured. The lower wall is entirely unknown.

The exposure from the top is incredible and could make easy climbs pretty exciting.

I guess you can tell I am getting a little itchy to get outside.

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Anonymous said...

hey its kaleb
i really wanna get out there and for the first time try some multipitch stuff, but itll probebly be near the end of the season cause i dont have the experience but yah im itchin to get out there

haha i read this blog every week