Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I never expected this blog to be still active.


I have taken some time away from climbing and I am coming back. I have not posted anything since August 2012.

A few stats about this blog (so far!).

I am getting about 400 hits per month (43 on the 24th alone???).

I have had over 30,000 page visits.

The most commonly visited page is on the Cordelette with 2,000 visits.

Many have asked why I stopped climbing. You know it is time to take a break when you begin resenting getting ready to climb. Climbing outdoors just got to be one huge development project. SO many lines to bolt, I felt guilty just for going out to have fun. Stopping was kind of a relief. A couple of months turned into a couple of year.

I recently reconnected with Leo and that got me to thinking about climbing again. I have been in the gym twice and it feels good to move over rock again. We will see where it goes.